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Senior executive leadership development


Development initiatives rarely reach the most senior levels of the organisation

We understand the challenges and constraints which come with senior leadership roles and we recognise that effective leadership is not an end in itself. Clients value our approach because it is rooted in the business context rather than leadership theory.

We work with senior executives both individually and in teams. 

There are two elements to our work:


Clients value our thorough, objective and constructive approach.

We apply a range of tools, which are of proven value with senior populations.

Executive Coaching

We provide a balance of challenge and support in which clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their role and the wider context to frame clear goals and strategies for achieving these. 

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Succession planning

Succession planning

A robust, disciplined approach to succession planning is a key element of effective leadership risk management and effective governance.
We provide a clear, objective view of the internal leadership pipeline with recommendations for maximising future success.

With our support, clients are able to:

  • Determine the leadership qualities which will create value and drive success in the future

  • Highlight gaps in the leadership pipeline 

  • Provide open, objective and constructive feedback 

  • Identify more wider leadership themes which may deserve attention

  • Establish a basis for focussed leadership development at different levels of the organisation

Leading Through Crisis


Leadership is a key determinant of how well businesses navigate crisis and of how effectively they engage with the threats and opportunities which emerge in the aftermath


Times of crisis place exceptional pressure on leaders. Inaction is not an option but deciding where, and how, to be proactive is a challenge. Leaders often respond by pushing themselves and their teams to go faster and work harder. But this drains precious energy and can fuel a cycle of self-doubt, blame and defensiveness. Crucially, it also deprives leaders of the ability to do the reflection needed to gain a clear perspective and adapt.


Our rapid impact leadership development programme enables leaders to swiftly gain insight into how they can expand their leadership repertoire so they are better equipped to navigate the pressure and complexity of a crisis.


We also facilitate half- and one-day crisis leadership workshops, which provide a space in which leaders can build a better understanding of the essentials of crisis leadership and reflect on how relevant insights can be applied in the specific context of the business, as a basis for focused action planning.

At an organisational level we can also conduct an objective, impartial crisis leadership risk analysis. This provides insights, which help businesses to adapt and enhance their approach in order to minimise their exposure to common traps and engage with emerging opportunities.


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Leadership risk mapping


With our support, boards and senior teams can  explore and understand the behavioural and leadership dimensions of their strategic agenda.

  • We help clients to create a tailored leadership risk dashboard through which leadership risks can be tracked and managed

  • We work with clients to establish an approach for understanding and mitigating leadership risk

  • We raise awareness of the ways in which organisational culture can compound or mitigate leadership risk

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