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Specialist in leadership risk.

Cooper Limon advises clients on how to identify and address the leadership risks which they face.
Leadership risk arises when the insight, behaviour and judgement of the senior leadership team is not aligned with the business. The significance of leadership risk is widely recognised by business leaders and regulators but it is often little understood and poorly managed. When leadership risk is not addressed, value can be destroyed or potential can go unrealised as leaders fail to monitor and direct the business appropriately.
We provide clarity for businesses:
  • Improved oversight and governance
  • Early identification and mitigation of leadership risks
  • A shared view of priorities
  • Clearer, more rounded decisions
  •  Alignment between culture and business
We deliver value for Senior Leaders:
  • Improved awareness of embedded habits and assumptions
  • Greater flexibility and a broader leadership repertoire
  • Reduced risk of derailment
  • Support in the development of future leaders
  • More effective teams
Clients find that this approach gives them an advantage.


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