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Why do successful businesses fail?

There are countless drivers of corporate collapse and reasons why businesses fail to achieve their potential. But one central cause is leadership.
The senior leaders of a business confront the highest levels of complexity and uncertainty. It falls to them to identify new opportunities and formulate and implement strategy, whilst ensuring they are prepared for risks and unexpected developments. For this, they need agility, resilience and insight. Leaders also need to appreciate that they do not stand outside the risk landscape – they are part of it.
Understanding ‘risk’ or ‘leadership’ in isolation is not enough. Unless leaders can bridge the gap between these two dimensions, blind spots develop and leadership risks are left to incubate unchecked. This can mean that:
  • Emerging threats and issues are overlooked
  • Resource, attention and energy are misallocated
  • Governance is compromised
With our approach, clients achieve a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves and their businesses. This helps them align their attention, thinking and leadership approach with the current and future opportunities and threats.


With over ten years’ experience as pioneers in the field of leadership risk consulting, we have developed an approach which is credible, flexible, professional and collaborative.
We explore leadership through a ‘risk’ lens
  • Focus on value creation and destruction
  • Disciplined, structured approach
  • Evidence derived from varied sources
  • Problems identified and addressed in advance
We also explore leadership through a ‘leadership’ lens
  • Application of psychological and behavioural tools
  • A richer, qualitative view
  • Emphasise on listening and facilitating
  • Recognition that leaders are part of the risk landscape
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